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Amending an open OSM changeset on command line (by hand) over 2 years ago

Hi mmd, thanks for reading.

Nice that JOSM can do this (see also help page about choosing changeset to upload to). Had the hopes that it would also be possible for mere mortals to continue a changeset, but couldn’t let such a fine chance to dive into the API slip by. I deliberately chose a simple change to reduce the chance of messing up ;).

I’m sure JOSM wasn’t capable of this the first time I needed it. But that must be a long time ago, help history indicate it’s 11 years since the feature was added. I’m afraid I mostly use iD and Vespucci these days for more ad-hoc mapping sessions so I don’t dabble much in JOSM anymore. I have, however, always been very conscious about grouping changes and not burning up changeset ids. To that end I always turn off the default to close after upload (making my changeset stats suffer, yours at zero is impressive, though!).

This sort of stuff should of course only be done with the utmost caution, wearing safety helmet, goggles, gloves, and the reverter plugin standing by. Will update the post with a warning and mention of the testing instances.


Demographic extrapolations and interesting bi-national area about 12 years ago

Yeah, I know that TIGER accounts for a lot. But still the amount of freely (or PD like TIGER) available data to import into OSM, is also an indicator of how advanced/free/organized the community is.