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RoboSat ❤️ Tanzania

First off - thanks so much this is awesome.

Second - I’m trying to just replicate the work shown in this post and am stuck at the rs download{z}/{x}/{y}.png building.tiles step. I’ve run this command which results in a ton of Failed, Skipped warnings. In a previous comment you said there would be some failures but when i check the resulting folder generated it is less than a MB in size and seems to only contain empty folders.

I did not execute the steps prior http ',-7.0545565715284955,39.70458984374999,-5.711646879515092'

jq '.results[] | select( == "ZANZIBAR MAPPING INITIATIVE") | {user:, date: .acquisition_start, uuid: .uuid}' as the post seems to suggest that is an alternative way? But I’m not clear on that.

Also not sure what steps i might have missed in regard to this:

 *We can tile the GeoTIFFs with a small tool on top of rasterio and rio-tiler. Or for the second 
 option we can download the tiles directly from the OpenAerialMap Slippy Map endpoints 
(changing the uuids).*

Would appreciate any clarification you could provide - I’m a newbie at some of this so apologies if I’m just missing something that should be very straightforward.