Mapper since:
June 13, 2013

Main OSM activities Survey mapping around Brabant Wallon and Charleroi, aerial mapping in Belgium and France

OSM editor : Potlach 2 which has 3 bugs/usability issues :

  • Arrow keys can be used to navigate on the map and PageUp/PageDown to zoom in/out. Sometimes, when a node/way is still selected, and the arrow keys are used, it also changes the node/way type in the pop-up menu. This can lead to the creation phantom objects (eg bollard), or to “tertiary roads” which should be only “tracks”.

  • Sometimes, when loading a map with many nodes, some nodes or ways fail to load and are invisible. This can lead to duplicate roads.

  • Rarely, after saving, the map becomes greyed/disabled, but never becomes ungreyed, until the changeset is closed. This can add new changesets, with no justifications.

I try to be extra careful to those bugs and to avoid encoding incorrect data, but please report any such findings to me, I will correct them asap.