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More satellite imagery in Bing!

I've noticed a lot of new imagery in Australia. Will help the mapping effort in regional areas in a massive way!

phantom street in thornbury 3071 australia needs to be removed

I've gone ahead and mapped some of the laneways around the area. These can be tagged as highway=service and service=alley if you would like to map some more of your own. This should clear up this issue.

Why NearMap has been the best thing that has happened to Australian Mapping.,144.976525&z=18&t=k&nmd=20100226 if you want to look at the turning circles. Also, expect more updates because new February 26 imagery is available instead of the previous February 3 imagery, so all of Wallan can be mapped now. I'll update soon!

Why NearMap has been the best thing that has happened to Australian Mapping.

Nope. Not a mistake. There are 3 turning circles on the actual street itself!

Is this the world's best mapped McDonald's?

davespod, I checked the co-ords, they are correct, you just have to zoom in all the way while staying centered.

Seav, I just used the export feature of the main map page (the export tab at the top) and exported the data into an image at a 1:1000 scale, much higher than the zoom 18 scale which I think is 1:1693.

I can't wait until they upload some imagery of Melbourne. I am actually doing edits in other cities at the moment just so I can play with the high res imagery! Potlatch needs to add another zoom level so I can more accurate edit things such as building outlines!

We're Back!

Great work guys with the upgrade. Unfortunately the long delay means that a whole heap of mappers are on here right now and it is really slowing things down. I can barely get Potlatch to load and once I do, the liitle red ! triangle keeps flashing at me and clicking it and retrying the connection doesn't work! Oh well.

Slippy Map problems?

Then it must be my end, but it is weird. It doesn't work in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari but works flawlessly in Google Chrome, so I'm not sure why only Chrome is working for me. Might have to try clearing my cache and altering other settings.

Mapnik render modifications

The changes are mostly an improvement over the previous rendering style, but there are still some things I would like to see, icons getting progressively larger as you zoom in further, instead of staying the same size (icons for restaurants and fuel for example, are far too small), icons for fast food POIs, name rendering for motorways as well as rendering of highway features such as chicanes and humps, traffic lights, gates and turning circles (cul-de-sacs). Thank you to any in charge of these changes to take feedback and further improve the map.