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closed 2024021


closed 2525678 Cresson

This road has been rerouted and there is now a large roundabout here. Houses are being constructed on both sides of the new road.

closed 2525700 Cresson

Planning Permission has been sought to build 3 properties here

closed 2525704 Cresson

Planning permission has been sought to build houses and flats on this area popular (as one of the few green play areas) with local kids

closed 2024020

Shawhead Community C

closed 2024017

Calder Parish Hall

closed 161296

Mouse Water path along river bank here is not marked.

closed 196896

New shop

closed 161285

"Colin McRae Trail" has been added in last 6 months in these woods.

closed 241343

The Tron - a large structure used for weighing wool centuries ago.

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