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Smartphone mounts almost 8 years ago

great stuff, in car I use an old Iphone car mount for my samsung phone to catch pictures, I might try your walking idea.

OSM Node Density 2014 almost 8 years ago

that is a great picture

OSM beim HVV about 8 years ago

:) uses OSM over 8 years ago

It does look good, I am guessing its about 6months old data.

BBC Radio 4 doc "Mapping the Void" over 8 years ago

just found out in time , will tune in at 11am

OpenStreetBugs Phase out ... update over 8 years ago

ok I am on the case in Scotland

How to add new Business over 8 years ago

what does the business do?

Why do I do this? over 8 years ago

ah Simcity great game,

Skye over 8 years ago

hi , aye I can see it too. had a look at one or two parts but as yet cant find the error yet.

OSM in 3D almost 9 years ago

thats a great find, and works in other places

Mapping a Community Center almost 9 years ago

if you want you can add the tags contact:website= and contact:phone= contact:email= hope this helps you :)

More Addresses almost 9 years ago

good work, and it shows we need more people to help with addresses.

Beaches without the Sea over 9 years ago

I have started to map a golf course, its coming along nice, yeah all the tags need Golf=

Great service! over 9 years ago


UK football Stadium mapping over 9 years ago

it maybe better to use Building=yes building:type=grandstand building:use=sport

OS Locator update 201211 over 9 years ago

great stuff

Back in Newton Mearns over 9 years ago

looks good, you have done some good work there. I put the address into a node in the building where the door is, also means you can add access private or public, wheelchair access yes no, even stairs yes no,

State of the Map Scotland over 9 years ago

that is pretty smart mate

Building with two different names. How to solve over 9 years ago

I have came across this a few time, also buildings in one street with the entrance from another street, I would tag the building as the Palazzo Pamphilji and the embassy as an Address node in this building, as an entrance. access=public entrance=door addr:housename=Brazillian Embassy this can even be in the buildings outline to show exactly where their door is. even can add wheelchair=yes/ or no

Mehr Tags over 9 years ago

you can also use building:cladding= brick ect