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Advanced rendering of tags

It depends what we mean by “a” pitch. In my mind, a pitch is the playing area for one game. A piece of land accommodating several playing areas would be a field or park or some other noun.

IrlJidel Irish map

Not to put a downer on your bus route mapping, but the Dublin Bus web site cannot be considered a clean source. Barring actual permission to use the data presented there you are safer to map only those routes you know or those that you can deduce from your own ground surveys of the bus stops.

Questions: bulk uploading of lighthouses / maritime navigation

Excellent initiative. I was interested in doing the same thing, but never got around to requesting permission. I've looked at the OSM file and it looks pretty good to me. One thing that surprised me was that the Poolbeg lighthouse isn't present (nor is it in the CIR spreadsheet). Is it maintained independently?