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closed 3303426 m4lvin

This laundry place apparently no longer exists.

10 months ago 10 months ago
closed 2447064 m4lvin

Linnaeusparkweg is actually split into two one-way lanes here, with a parking spot between them. Moreover, the direction to southeast is closed for cars.

over 2 years ago over 2 years ago
closed 1907762 m4lvin

New addresses Hoptillepad 4 to 372 (even) have been assigned to this building. How to import this from BAG?

almost 4 years ago about 3 years ago
closed 1797439 m4lvin

Allee Café ist aktuell geschlossen.

about 4 years ago over 3 years ago
closed 603038 m4lvin

This hostel does not exist any longer.

almost 7 years ago almost 7 years ago

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