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closed 108416 Ecthelias

Hier ist der Eingang zu einer Zivilschutzanlage. Ich bin mir aber nicht sicher, wie man das am besten einzeichnet. Evtl. hat hier jemand eine bessere Idee.

over 1 year ago 23 days ago
closed 224334

Kartenfehler: Falsche Ausfahrt:
Falsche strasse angegeben

9 months ago 4 months ago
closed 196432 hugi

amenity=embassy name=Botschaft Österreich doesn't renders/displays at all when Östeereich written correctly with Ö. Looks like an UTF-8 bug...

11 months ago 5 months ago
closed 292020 leuty

I found this waterway=stream while armchair mapping (maproulette) and it looks very suspicous. I think it should be a highway=track.

5 months ago 5 months ago
closed 217564 leuty

Found during maproulette. Here something seems to be srsly wrong.

10 months ago 6 months ago
closed 224978

relief data damaged (unexisting ca 1km deep "hole")

9 months ago 8 months ago
closed 224351

Falsches Tempolimit. Das gemeldete Tempolimit ist 60 km/h

9 months ago 8 months ago
closed 167424

I sincerely doubt that there can be anything larger than an alpine path in the Jungfraufirn; what is an agricultural track doing here?!

about 1 year ago 9 months ago
closed 25294 220KM

im Laueli 90A, CH-6083, Hasliberg Hohfluh

Hasliberg Hohfluh, Hasliberg, Haslital, Berner Oberland, Schweiz

almost 2 years ago 9 months ago
closed 180197

It is a nice view from this picture. I see buildings and house's and the woods

12 months ago 9 months ago

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