Mapper since:
December 20, 2012

Hello! I love to map. I’ve been a regular here since 2018, especially focusing on the places I visit, and connectivity for pedestrians, wheelchairs and of course bicycles. I woke up to the power of OSM when I realised GMaps London cycling directions sucked and did not. Been addicted to this giant colouring for adults project ever since.

More recently I’ve been volunteering at the Cotswold Canals Trust, digging my way through the Five Valleys to restore the Stroudwater Navigation and the Thames & Severn Canal. We’re going under the M5 soon, and big sailing ships will once again return to my beloved Stroud when the Missing Mile is finally restored and we’re reconnected to the rest of the country in 2025. Of course, during my downtime, how better to help than to improve the free map of the route with the knowledge I’ve gained?

I’m also rather proud of having created the T&S Way hiking relation, which will need some changes as the canal towpath reappears in the future and diversions can be removed, particularly in the east. The Cirencester Arm is unlikely to be restored, but is of historic interest, and is another of my OSM works.

JOSM is my editor of choice, but I get a lot of use out of StreetComplete and Vespucci out on the ground, where I can see my edits right in front of me as I walk.

See also my OSM wiki page, and the excellent How did you contribute? tool.

Feel free to drop me a message, always here to help!