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open 4015784 leheng

has this been removed/realigned?

closed 3895081 leheng

Is forest walk under reno?

closed 3933536 leheng

update in a week

open 3956903 leheng

highway rly still access=no?

open 3952628 leheng

stairs closed till 24 feb'24

open 3942760 leheng

think this part of tyersall ave is fenced up:/

closed 3269391 btcprox

Li ji Jong cafe no longer here, to be replaced by bismillah biryani in mid July 2022

closed 3593763 leheng

According to OneMap Lt18 is here in between the 2 corridors

closed 3185712 leheng

mmm... has a new sheltered walkway been built? from my memory, it's just the sheltered part of block 134 and 135 right? if someone can confirm, maybe can drag it in closer to the blocks

closed 3543732 leheng

anyone up for investigating if Sungei Labu (beside Waseda Sch) connects here through the "Long Ponds" in Clem Woods Condo? Old maps show it did

See 1971 for name, but stream visible in later years too

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