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Is there a way to keep history on all segment while "split 3 part of highway" in JOSM ?? 8 days ago

Well, maybe a revision would be nice. from forum discussion

Survey points etc 11 days ago

Hail our long past overlords! :)

We still inherit your bureaucracy, in that it is difficult to get any open data from the government. Sprinkle in some nervousness in the name of national security, things might stay the same in the foreseeable future.

Things are changing though. Slow and steady as they say. Cheers!

Where are all the highway areas gone? 24 days ago

Pardon my ignorance, what is it suppose to mean/represent?

Landuse/landcover in OSM and a polygon highway data ?? 29 days ago

Shouldn’t she be asking the authorities for this data instead? Getting data from OSM contributors have so many accuracy issues, whether the classification or the correct boundaries.

Even the small town that I lived in has a fully GIS mapped information in store at the municipal’s office which is located in district’s capital almost an hour away. I was quite surprised with that discovery since the road names in my town are not even complete, yet there’s this complete map and land ownership info available at their finger tips (local district). Local governance yo..

Anyways, a side story there. Ask her to inquire with the city, her job could probably be many times easier.

Buat yang mana, yang suka about 1 month ago

Aik, kuih raya dah abis ke? hahahar

Ajaibnya semua nama jalan banyak taman perumahan, lengkap dalam tempoh singkat! 2 months ago

Abang ‘sambar’ tak like! huhuhu

Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Hertfordshire 3 months ago

When you take pics for mapillary on site like this, do you still make them as a (walking/driving) sequence? Or do you just do the Panoramio thing - take pictures of buildings/pois?

Advanced JOSM Work on Schools 3 months ago

Always wondered: wouldn’t everything inside the school grounds boundary (amenity school polygon with barrier = fence maybe) be associated with the school without using a relation?

Been mapping for years, and other than river islands relations, I’ve stayed away from them. Too finicky.

Google Maps 3 months ago

1) You are correct.

2) Coincidentally? No problem. On the other hand, in my experience, quite a few suspiciously “coincidentally” names from Google maps got put into OSM. In those particular cases that’s because ground truth checks reveals that google data was wrong in the first place.

3) No idea. Need further checks with people in the know about legalese talk.

Drone mapping 3 months ago

Not directly to OSM that I know of. You might want to try OpenAerialMap

My phone GPS is so inacurate, uploading a GPS trace LOWERS the quality of OSM. 3 months ago

I am still waiting for external bluetooth gps with L1 & L5 bands. Doesn’t seem likely, but there’s nothing else to do but wait and hope.

Bus stops in the middle of the road 4 months ago


:) An integrated combination of improved old and new would be nicer though

Our Experience working with Health Facilities Import -India. 4 months ago

Is subtown much different from suburb?

OSM becoming a patchwork of different referencing systems 4 months ago

Each imagery has different “zoom and skew” even if all the imageries are aligned to a surveyed point. In my experience for my country, Bing has the clearest/cleanest image, then Esri then Maxar. But Maxar Premium has the newest.

In this case, I align Bing to a ref point, then go to my area of interest. I find an obvious building to trace the outline, then I’ll align Maxar to this building. Trace what needs to be traced from Maxar and then return to Bing again.

Unless all imagery companies agreed to a single source provider, or agrees on a set of ground control points (GCP), there’ll always be discrepancies.

I'm getting tired... 5 months ago

Lek lek. Kratom is widely available in the event you need a chill out or two! I might even join in.

recording / playback voice and link it to GPS location, is there an app for that ? 5 months ago

I did use Osmtracker with a rather good success. It is touch activated though, so it’s kinda iffy thing to do while driving. Then, you’ll also need to experiment what recording duration that you need, in my case it was 3 seconds. Also need a earphone/mic close to mouth to keep out ambient noise. Each recording is tagged at the gps position the moment the record button is pressed. In my case, I have to also sometimes spell out the POS name within the 3 second record time. Once all the files are done, you can open them with JOSM, it will show up like a GPX track. IIRC, click on the waypoint and the associated recording will play.

vacation mapping #2 6 months ago

Lovely post!

Bye bye, mapping 8 months ago

That’s weird. Usually people just change what they don’t agree with, but not revert the whole changeset. Did you ever contact the user for discussions?

Lupang Arenda drone mapping - part 1 about 1 year ago


One question. Does that OpenDroneMap fully utilize multi core cpus?

How to highlight high-precision GPX traces? about 1 year ago

my suggestion would be to put the corrected imagery into the offset imagery database in JOSM. That’s pretty much the only way people can know that the imagery has been aligned to the best accuracy available at this moment.