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Newish L5 gps phone testing. 23 days ago

I don’t know whether the base station data is available for the public for free.

When I was in surveying, the official JUPEM gps/surveyed data and whatnot requires a subscription - $1k/year if I am not mistaken. A private correction signal (sms/gprs) based is also available presumably to customers that bought South gps survey sets although we saw a tiny difference in recorded values compared to JUPEM’s.

Simple Tips #1 about 1 month ago

The problem is (if I understand the recent issue correctly) that osmose is giving warning about low poly rivers, hence any new-ish mappers might start smoothing out bends and stuff..

Removing quantity= tags from pitches in the San Francisco Bay Area about 1 month ago

I would just map 3 leisure pitches = tennis and be done with that. I like simple stuff :)

Mapillary 360° capture part 2: bike 3 months ago

I think Gopro uses a twin lens solution compared to multiple camera setup of the streetview car. A single lens covering 180deg will always have problems with distortion/blurriness on the edges with current technology.

is this "open"streetmap? 4 months ago

Let’s hope that nobody turn into Reddit mods.

junction circular 4 months ago

Well, that’s what my initial thoughts are. Except, all these ‘corrections’ are done by corporate mapper beyond the Pacific ocean. I wish I could be arsed to track down and check all the little funny edits that they make.

Newish L5 gps phone testing. 5 months ago

Sorry if it was unclear. The first venture was just plain gpx data.

After that at a different location, I averaged a point for 5++ minutes and collected GNSS data using android’s gnss tools, then trying to ‘post process’ the gnss.log file using the open source GNSS analysis software. Failed to install this software despite repeated tries and various solutions available online, so currently I am giving it a rest.

Eight things that I've learned while mapping my neighborhood 6 months ago

That’s a common fact (educated observation) of mapping in these regions - using data from Google. A lot more probably comes from Streetview. Partly due to ignorance of copyright laws, and partly due to #dontgiveashit mentality. The clever ones put source = local knowledge, and then who are you to judge where they get their info from?

A conundrum for DWG for sure. My suggestion is just let things be unless they are so obviously copied from Google. If for some unforeseen reason that ABC called for a strikedown on those edits, then purge and redo.

By the way, this whole account is a joke but... 7 months ago

Just ban this user for shits and giggles..

High danger in current OSM management of motorways junctions 8 months ago

Before the lane tagging movements starts to get hold in my country, I (and most other locals) used to draw the junction where the exit lanes start. Same thought, better to start early than late.

House 8 months ago

It’s never lupus.

Some thoughts on SotM 2022 9 months ago

Resistance is futile.. -Borg-

Apple Data Team #ADT multiplying Nodes on Coastlines 10 months ago

maybe part of their performance index evaluation. more nodes = moarr money. Hence the seemingly inability of paid xxxx mappers to draw a straight line with just 2 nodes.

Maybe. ;)

Days gone! 11 months ago

You should go back and follow the sequence and re-correct it. All the correct segment is still there. When doing bus routes it (almost) always happen like that when a split way and non-split meets, and you use the sort function iirc.

Adding Microsoft Building Footprints To OSM With MapRoulette: Why And How about 1 year ago

just additional info, there’s a menu item in one of the JOSM’s plugin (can’t remember which) that allows you to de-select all the nodes in whatever you selected.

BTW, thank you for the great article. Definitely saving it for future reference.

Openstreetmap-Carto – Democracy Or anarchy? about 1 year ago

I just want trees to be rendered individually! Jillions upon jillions of them.

New mobile editor: Every Door about 1 year ago

Tree mappers… those are a special kind of breed. Something they won’t be able to finish before the end of time.

Time to talk about landuse=residential about 1 year ago

Some people just tag landuse residential just so that it is rendered as the size/outline of the town/city at lower zoom level.

Do NOT edit the map of Ukraine until the end of war! about 1 year ago

DWG/OSMF under the law of some ambiguous criminal code of Ukraine?

The unfixable state of township boundaries about 1 year ago

Ohio, you be you!

Kidding aside, I personally believe that municipality should be excluded from administrative boundary hierachy. Map the boundary as something else. Country>state>district>sub-district(sometimes)>place(neighborhood/town/etc). At least we know the top 3 or 4 levels would never cross each other. Address and land titles follow this format anyways. IMHO of course.