Mapper since: January 04, 2014

Important note

Please note, that this bot is still experimental. It is used with the permission of the Data Working Group (DWG). If you intend to run such a bot yourself, please read the Mechanical Edit Policy and contact the DWG or your local community.


This is a bot used by the OpenStreetMap game Kort to update tags on OpenStreetMap based on the data entered by the users of Kort. All the inserted data is reviewed by at least 3 other users to ensure better reliability of the data. Please send a message to our development mailinglist if you have any concerns: kort-dev at

You can find more information about Kort on the OSM wiki.

Source of data

Kort uses KeepRight as it's main source for the "mission" we present our users. Other errors are directly extracted from the OpenStreetMap data, the source of an error that lead to a change made by this user is always shown in the comment of the corresponding changeset. Also other information to track the exact origin of the provided within Kort are provided. This helps us to quickly react if we encounter any unusual behaviour.


The source code of both Kort and the script behind kort-to-osm are open source and available on GitHub. The library used to actually create the changes on OpenStreetMap is osmapi:

There you also have to opportunity to open issues for bugs you encounter or even create pull requests.