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The Pinnacle Trailhead

closed 1881815 ke9tv

Yellow trail between The Pinnacle and the Cat and Thomas Mountains preserve needs to be mapped. See for what needs GPS'ing.

closed 1898556 ke9tv

Tax plats show two new roads, Wagon Wheel Land and Brookstone Court, and subdivided lots. Roads not in DOT database. Road construction appears to have been in progress at time of NYS aerials. New subdivision? Built yet?

closed 1750854 ke9tv

Ballston Creek Preserve

closed 1750838 ke9tv

Woodcock Preserve

closed 1169032 ke9tv

Interloken Trail, Ames Road - do these roads exist? Not immediately visible in aerials

closed 1897293 ke9tv

Cabin on this site has address 245 Echo Pond Lane. Cannot see how Echo Pond Lane connects to it. TIGER showed a maze of tracks, badly correlated with aerials and misnamed.

open 638672 mellavellum

Ranch Road & Montauk Highway, across the street from Deep Hollow Ranch

2.25 mile walk to beach (OSM data version: 2016-05-10T14:41:03Z) #mapsme

open 3058264 ke9tv

A selection of Onondaga toponyms is available at in the entry 'Onondaga Places'. They have referents locally that should be labeled.

closed 2023220

Long Path relocated off of Lawton Hollow and Bradt Hollow Roads through this parcel. Needs GPS'ing.

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