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May 29, 2013

“Show me all your city plans, I’ll show you some angry hands*

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amenity = cyclist
bicycle:maxspeed = fast
addr:city = Berlin
leisure = music;books;cycling;drinks
education = geography;gis;remote_sensing;it_specialist

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Want something mapped or need help (errors, opinions, reverts)? Let me know via message or email me!
I may not always find the time to respond quickly, but I try as fast as humanly possible. You can always try to look at the Wiki first.

You can also send me offtopic messages like your favourite new album or dish.

  • Monitoring multipolygons/area objects that are self-intersecting/unclosed (Quality Assurance)
  • Monitoring overlapping/intersecting buildings in Germany
  • Current mapping areas are Mauritius, British Indian Ocean Territory
  • Checking Osmose-Issues and Notes in various countries
  • weeklyOSM • [contribute]
  • wikimapillaryhdycforum

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