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Manipulating EXIF-data

@Chaos99 I'm using this feature since I'm using JOSM. But I think JOSM can't write back the gps data to the images. CMIIAW.

@PerroVerd: Funny thing, the first picture I tried adding gps data to was a picture of my logger (Holux M-241) to correct the time. I've also uploaded it as my user image.

Holux M-241 GPS data logger binary data format

gpsbabel(SVN checkout) definitely has support for Holux M-241

A german howto is located at

But it's nice to see the conciseness of the Program because I'm interested in downloading tracks from my Holux with my mobile phone.


Wenn du mit einem "Kreisel" einen Kreisverkehr meinst... Ich zeichne den immer mit JOSM. Dazu gibt es im Wiki ja auch eine Seite
Einfach den Kreisverkehr grob zeichnen, junction=roundabout und highway=* vergeben und in JOSM "o" (für align to circle) drücken.



I also use my Holux M-241 for mapping and had the same trouble with reading data from it with Linux (debian 4.0). I wrote a (german) post at

You wrote you found a solution. My question is if it's the same or a different one. ;-)

A few words on your double-entry-problem. Have you tried to fix this with some of the JOSM Plugins like validator or utilsplugin? They may be helpful.

@ricosi64 P.S. sorry for this "double-post", I wanted to create a comment originally. ;-)

So long!