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closed 3469719 jpennycook

New cycle parking around here apparently

closed 3884528 jpennycook

looks like a highway=miniroundabout on aerial imagery, not a junction=roundabout

closed 4247410 jpennycook

Is Rookes Way really now open as a through route for all motor vehicles and horses? It used to be access only except for buses and maybe taxis.

open 4337658 jpennycook

Needs checking - the designation tag does not agree with the access tags

open 4337647 jpennycook

Are these actually bridleways or just dirt footpaths? If they are bridleways, they don't lead anywhere other than footways (where horses cannot go), which would annoy the horses.

open 4337644 jpennycook

There's a bridleway and a footway overlapping here - it doesn't seem correct.

closed 2395637 RealisticPT

I apologise: I'm not quite sure how all this works, but I was taken down this route by Komoot today even though I'd set my settings to road bike. This track might be suitable for a gravel bike, but definitely not a road bike. Certainly not at this time of year. Perhaps in summer. Hope that helps others

open 4333268 jpennycook

There are steps somewhere near here (my note went missing from Locus Maps Classic so not sure about position)

open 4313075 jpennycook

gate to west - maybe a permissive path?

via StreetComplete_ee 58.0

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closed 4313076 jpennycook

gate then permissive footpath west

via StreetComplete_ee 58.0

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