Mapper since:
December 27, 2015

Hello, I am actively contributing to OSM since end of 2015. Since then I am using mostly JOSM, sometimes also StreetComplete. I am mapping almost all features in OSM, e.g.

  • house numbers
  • POIs (shops, restaurants, playground)
  • details to highways (maxspeed, surface, lit, access restrictions)
  • fire_hydrants, street_lamps
  • bicycle relations
  • draw contures of buildings, landuses, etc.

I am also doing “remote mapping” by actively contributing to HOT (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) in the role of a HOT Global Validator and mapper.

If you ever find some questionable edits please do not hesitate to contact me either via changeset discussion or private message.

Languages: DE / EN / PT (basics)

Member or OpenStreetMap Foundation as active contributor (since 2023-08)

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