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closed 1912193 jmapb

AT may breifly follow Longhouse Drive here, survey

closed 1912146 jmapb

Possibly the AT is on road for a short section here. Does it connect with Canal Road? To the north, south, or both?

closed 1914464 jmapb

Is there a bridge on the Appalachian Trail here?

open 4184331 jmapb

New "Sideling Hill Trailhead" under construction, connecting service plaza and cycle trails

open 4182840 jmapb

construction nearly complete

open 2153816 jmapb

Is there a path here connecting the D&H Canal trail with ?

closed 3746499 jmapb

something under construction here

closed 4108737

This CVS location closed in April 2022

closed 3833995 jmapb

dentist coming

open 4176237 jmapb

survey to see if kindergarten is still at

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