Mapper since: May 18, 2012

Mapping is fun. Period.

Want to improve South Florida or just talk maps? Join us on Slack! Self-invite at and join the #florida channel!

  • OSM-related accounts: OSM Wiki, OSM Help, OSM Forum, Mapillary, GitHub

  • I am one of the guys behind The Building Import in Miami. Another large-scale building + address import is in the planning phase [as of Sept 2018].

  • Interested in our import tool and documentation? Check out our org, SouthFLMappers on GitHub.[under construction]

  • I also take a bunch of Mapillary photos you can all map from.

  • Tasking Manager: [currently inactive].

  • I'm a scientist working with user generated geodata. My research is mainly concerned with data quality and user behavior in online communities. You can find my publications on my Google Scholar or Researchgate profiles. I earned my PhD from UF. Currently living in South Florida but I quite often map my home region in Hungary.

  • Sometimes I post about science and geo-stuff on my blog.

Import account: jlevente_imports