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closed 3407926 Theman76

Didn't Sprint become part of T-mobile?

closed 2773397 colgza

The roadway is tagged as two-way, but is unreachable travelling from the South to the North.

closed 2588591 colgza

Shouldn't the PA 66 route relation include PA Tpke 66 relation?

closed 2264922

This is not a Walgreen’s. It is a CVS.

closed 880766 jleedev

saw mill run blvd is divided from just past rite aid on the south to a bit north of glenbury. which requires redoing the whole junction.

closed 1640385 jleedev


closed 2340213 jleedev

Trail realigned as of 14 March 2020 <>

closed 1633030 jleedev

Exits 32B&C get a separate way right about here; stay to the left for SR 126 towards Montgomery. Eastbound traffic from Exit 14 now has a traffic light; there's a "continuous green" for Exit 32C traffic.

closed 889463 jleedev

let's see how this app can do. oy vey. (OSM data version: 2017-01-19T15:17:02Z) #mapsme

closed 523046 jleedev

Need to finish construction job here -- I believe mainline 51 is two-way the whole way, and the temporary link north of ivyglen was removed.

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