Mapper since:
January 14, 2010

I have a background in remote sensing and image processing. I was involved in the mobilization of the OSM community after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Then, I contributed to the remote response to several disasters, mainly by making satellite images, and sometimes public domain maps, available online for mapping (including sometimes georeferencing them). I took part in the STM020 mapping project in Saint Marc in Haiti, as a HOT volunteer, for a month in March 2012. I presented HOT in a panel at the conference « GIS for the UN and the International Community » in April 2012. I was again in Haiti for a month and a half last summer, to collect ground control points over the whole country with a team of Haitian OSM mappers, to improve the positioning of a mosaic of satellite images for CNES, the French Space Agency.

I would like HOT to strive to be more open, transparent and democratic, especially for the volunteer contributors. I would also like to contribute to get improved access to images from the International Charter « Space and Major Disasters » for OSM mappers, and to support the collaborations with major NGOs, UN agencies and national civil protections.