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Schelde Rein Route

Ik neem aan dat je Schelde-Rijn bedoelt? Al kan enig reinigingswerk in de Schelde geen kwaad, natuurlijk... };-)

gpx not accepted - again

Well something MUST have been wrong but I still don't know what. All the same, I am indebted to TomH for sorting it out. He even promises a solution for the lack of error reporting "in due time". I suppose I'll do more uploads "in due time", too.

gpx not accepted - again

The really bad thing is to even not know what is missing. I could perfectly live with no upload, and getting a clear explanation as to why. To upload in good faith and then just sit and wait till eternity without even being worth an explanation is really too bad.

It's certainly NOT the timestamps that are missing, by the way, and the reason why they are required is explained somewhere but you'll have to find it.

Hello, sunday...server problem ?

Well, mine still don't show up, and they were created with some homebrew scripting that has always performed flawlessly. Would anything have changed on the receiving side?
I am in doubt now to try and upload them a second time, we don't want to overload those precious servers without need. Still after 24 hours waiting I think I may suppose my first upload went wrong - for whatever reason. Definitely there's room for improvement here!

Hello, sunday...server problem ?

Sunday evening (in western europe, UTC+ 1) and the same prob for me too. Firefox on SuSE Linux. Well, if it don't work today, it might tomorrow... Sad that it doesn't show the file was received at least, that would be easier on my mind.

Validating GPX data

Sincere apologies, 'twas just a stupid error in the script. Nothing to do with OSM. Opening the GPX with a web browser was enough to indicate the error in the XML formatting. Sorry to have bothered y'all!