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open 4193249 jambamkin

foot path between here


open 4193248 jambamkin

this building has been removed


open 2986210 jiefghierpsk3

Unable to answer "Is there a shelter at the bus stop Kingsmeadows Road?" for via StreetComplete 38.2:

Does the bus stop still exist?

open 4190341 jambamkin

bridge is closed


open 4187021 jambamkin

is this drinking water


closed 4185609 jambamkin

Asphalt path link here with cycle barrier

via StreetComplete 57.1

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closed 4161182 jambamkin

Path around memorial is more steps

via StreetComplete 57.1

closed 4161181 jambamkin

Unable to answer "How many steps are here?" – Steps – via StreetComplete 57.1:

4, 2, 7 going up

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closed 3438960 jambamkin

Theres a small alley that goes between port house and Exchange Fry

via StreetComplete 49.0

closed 4171597 jambamkin

Is this a ford?

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