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Journey searching for a facade survey app

OSMGo! probably doesn’t quite fit your use case, but is worth considering.

mapillary_tools works great on my Android phone!

Okay cool, and you wipe the Trip1 folder after each upload? I was imagining that you had Open Camera set up to save a series of images to a folder, and then create a new folder for each set of images. So with your set up you can only do one image series before you upload?

mapillary_tools works great on my Android phone!

I am really interested in your workflow here. I know others who have quit Mapillilary over lack of support on the Android app. How do you get your photos saved to one folder?

The use of Free and Open Source Software in the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Was there discussion of event organisation software? I know a lot of it is handled on the wiki, but investigating mobilizon as a dedicated event platform would be cool.