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Shall you buy an Insta360 X3 camera for street-level imagery?

Thanks very much for this detailed analysis - I’ll make sure to steer clear of this camera in future!

I’ve only used a GoPro Fusion which has its fair share of quirks (which you are likely now aware of), such as:

  • front and back images aren’t stitched in camera, they are stitched in post by a proprietary program
  • said proprietary program appears to be deprecated and doesn’t work on recent Apple computers
  • iffy GPS accuracy

I detailed some more issues and documented my process (in this case for orthophoto stitching) at

It sounds like a GoPro Max 360 is the easiest solution at the moment, with the downside of 2 second (via 0.5 second on the GoPro Fusion) time between photos. I’ll likely need to look into using the video mode.

Opening of The Drying Green, Green Square, Sydney

Thanks, appreciate it!