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mancano addr:street

closed 3365465 ivanbranco

can someone check if around here there's the Parish House?

name:it=Ufficio Parrocchiale
name:hr=Župni ured

open 3618706 ivanbranco

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 52.0-beta1:


Attached photo(s):

open 3613365 ivanbranco

In context of "Shops" overlay for via StreetComplete 52.0-beta1:

To be checked with on-ground survey if it's still here

open 2948912 ivanbranco

Qua circa dovrebbe esserci la Big Bench 49, verificare in loco

open 4006193 Marco Mattio di Oncino


closed 1560174

Ballarak Magione

closed 4015639


closed 3278734 ivanbranco

place=* value to be defined

closed 3972191 ivanbranco

scollegare landuse da highway

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