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Collecting Addresses, What I've learned almost 5 years ago

I haven't had the opportunity to try photo mapping yet. How do you georeference the photoes? Do you have a cell with gps, or a ted with a camera? Or do you combine a file of POIs on a gps with the timestamps on the pictures?

My town a bit bigger (70,000) so I have a bit of a different situation. In the suburbs I can trace the buildings before I go out and get the addresses but in the down town aeas, the rooves can be so interconnected that I can't tell where one building ends and the next starts, making collecting building polys in the field a necessity.

I have an android tablet I haved used for mapping in the past, but I found it almost worthless without a data connection. It has probably been 1 year and a half since I experimented with that though, so the apps have very likely gotten more solid.

How do you take pictures on the cycle, just out of curiosity? I have cycling with the audio mapping before but the recoder doesn't impede my movement. I found that the address density was too thick in my neck of the woods as well, so I had to bike at the same speed as a walk.

Collecting Addresses, What I've learned almost 5 years ago

I completely forgot to mention that here! I discovered fieldpapers (and it's predecessor - walking papers) right before I moved to the all paper approach.

It was great at first but where I live it rains a lot & is foggy and I was contantly having to deal with soggy & mangled paper. (That's why I typically use the waterproof paper, I have a guy that donated me a box of the riteintherain paper so it doesn't cost me anythign) As well, I'm a student and with the amount of addressing I do a week it was costing me a fortune to keep printing them out. The final reason is, I also use these surveys to get the roof polygons. So when I printed them out it would have a lot of roads, store pois, parks, trees, etc. But no building polys to put the address on. So I guess in short for my use case I found the cost of printing them out each time when they give me more information than my picture above does outweighed their usefullness.

I think that once I get all the building polys and the addresses in I will take a look at fieldpapers again as adding store poi's will certainly be easier with the map!!

Thanks for responding & happy mapping ingalls

Convert OSM Data into Shapefiles about 5 years ago

oops, I misread that, this does the other way round!

Convert OSM Data into Shapefiles about 5 years ago

This might speed things up: Use Pnorman's Updated Version

It can deal with far larger datasets than JOSM can.

google google google about 5 years ago

@K01umbus and they also used maps to plan transportation for both the Japanese Internment. Hitler also used extremely detailed ones to transport people to the concentration camps...

With that argument you would basically have to halt science because just about everything that science creates can be used for good or evil. Look at atomic energy, bacterial research, and the list goes on.

I don't know what is up with all this fuss about captchas these days but it seems to be getting more and more ridiculous. I can understand changing it if there is a technical reason (Or hugely better method) to do so but otherwise don't fix things that aren't broken.

That's my two cents.

Would there be any use for a builder=* tag? about 5 years ago

Personally I'd be against this as in most cases verification in most places would be difficult and there is really no way to check this on the ground. On the other hand I support adding phone numbers but that isn't usually verifiable on the ground. I guess personally I don't see the usefulness in this but if there is a reason to I don't see a huge issue.

Cheers, ingalls

overpass turbo now with MapCSS support about 5 years ago

Wow, I've been playing around with it and can see it being very useful!! Really great job

First edit about 5 years ago

Welcome to openstreetmap!

Starting the process of learning Ruby over 5 years ago

Okay will do!

New on OpenStreetMap over 5 years ago

I second that, nice to have you! Feel free to give a shout if you need any help.

First Steps. over 5 years ago

Feel free to send any of us a shout if you need any help / questions answered

First Steps. over 5 years ago is actually the next generation replacement for walking papers. It is made by the same people but allows for much more visual creation of the papers. If you try them both you'll see the difference pretty quickly!

Cheers & Happy mapping, ingalls

Few bits around Athlone over 5 years ago

Nice to have you back :)

Will @MapBox allow imagery tracing for OSM? over 5 years ago

Actually I've already asked that question to the mapbox staff. They said they are focusing on getting their service up and running at the moment but they "look forward to involving the openstreetmap community"

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format over 5 years ago

Okay well I have some progress on this.. I spent a bunch of time coming up with a spreadsheet for the data. It can be found here:

I have listed every city that you have a data file with. Using a public spreadsheet instead of the wiki tends to make things less complicated I have found with previous large scale imports.

I'm going to take a look at the data for a couple of the cities I have work on in the past in MA. If it looks good I'll probably the city a go. I took a quick look this morning and the data appears to be very high quality and well which is what I would expect from massGIS. Could you post the link to the list? I currently lack email access as it is blocked by my work.

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format over 5 years ago

Okay sorry about the double posting. Looks like there is a glitch in the commenting system. When I post it I can see the post but when I refresh the last post gets cut off.. So When I post this one I will be able to see the first three posts but this will be cut off.. To Trac I go!

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format over 5 years ago

As in has the license been hashed out?

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format over 5 years ago

Or are we still waiting for a decision to be hashed out?

MassGIS building file converted to OSM format over 5 years ago

Have these been cleared to start importing?

Editing Kinmundy, Il, USA for accuracy over 5 years ago

I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding going on here. I have to agree with the other users in that it is usually a bad idea to improve it. I do agree with you in that I wouldn't want my driveway to be listed as a road!! What was suggested above is to tag it as highway:service service:driveway and then access:private is better than removing it! This tells computers using the data that it is private and should not be accessed unless the computer is told specifically to do so. In Owensboro (One of my current projects - I have mapped hundreds of driveways - see here,37.7478,-87.07363,37.75269&layer=mapnik

Since a driveway is visible from the street it should be mapped!! As long as it is marked as highway:service service:driveway, a computer would have no reason to ever route users up the street. (ie why send a user up a dead end street?).