Mapper since: January 06, 2016

The south-western provinces Kwilu and Kwango are among the poorest of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Malnutrition and child-mortality are even higher than in the war shaped eastern provinces, where the majority of development aid is concentrated.

Along with my interest in development politics and planned involvement in local projects, I decided to map specific parts of those provinces as accurate maps are not provided yet by any service. The inaccuracy of current maps, such as from Bing or Google, result from almost no available recent data of road locations and/or condition. Instead, the roads rely on a dataset from the 1960s; resulting in re-mapping the areas based on sattelite imagery in OSM being the only option to create relieable maps.

In summer 2018, I visited the area and worked for a political foundation supporting several projects in the region. I also got the chance to gather lots of village and rivers names along with road and bridge conditions.

Studying Development Studies/Georgraphy/Law in Bayreuth. Fluent in English, German and French. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!