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closed 3513868

nicht mehr da

was ist da jetzt?

closed 3250235 Nearby0051

Angeblich ist im Karstadt ein Telekom Shop
Bitte prüfen und Ort ausfindig machen

closed 3438350

Diese Postbank-Filiale wurde leider geschlossen. Bestätigung bei -> Filialsuche

closed 3489490 hkmwk

Die angegebene Webseite dr Gemeinde gibt es nicht mehr - ist die Gemeinde noch an diesem Ort (im Netz finde ich nur eine in der Wissmannstr.)?

closed 1844957 xyggy

"A nice view of the pine forest. This is an official viewpoint, with decking, sitting places and a bit of roof."
POI has no name
POI types: tourism-viewpoint
OSM data version: 2019-05-17T13:54:02Z

closed 1469098 Beom-jun Noh

대둔산 위치정보 오류신고

대둔산은 국립공원이 아니고 군립공원입니다.

closed 2120324 hkmwk

Are the Hillhouse Hotel and the Namsan Hill Hotel really two different hotels, or is this an error?

closed 2120328 hkmwk

Science Park Namsan (서울특별시교육청과학전시관 남산분관) has gone due to the construction of Seoul City Wall. Most of the area is now construction site.

closed 1931751 hkmwk

Bus #708 doesn't stop at Yeonsinnae, AFAIK it goes to Seol-yeok (Seoul station).

I remember to have read it on the table at the bus stop 삼천리골입구.56사단북한산부대 (56th Inf. Division quarter). I tried to look up the route from there to Seoul Yeok on OSM, but this failed :-(

closed 1224714


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