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closed 2356056 blastbeatz

Freedom Park

via StreetComplete 22.3

closed 1374385 Garvacho

A historical marker is on this corner which gives a little history about the city of Farmersville

closed 2931135 happy5214

Should be marked as private.

closed 2029995 happy5214

Are these tracks even here? This looks suspicious.

closed 1209557 happy5214

Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino and Hotel is here.

closed 55368 KristenK

Ashlan Avenue from Stanford Avenue to North Leonard Avenue is a dual-carriageway.

closed 3151 NE2

Are these flyovers complete? Tagged by user Cam4rd98 who has a history of gun-jumping.

closed 931

La Jolla Boulevard continues through at this point.

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