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closed 1043298 RichRico

Bar/Club named The Ballroom is hre? Can someone confirm and add if yes?

closed 344963 SomeoneElse

What's the real name for (presumably not "Care Home")? It doesn't look like all building on the imagery either.

closed 344960 SomeoneElse

The two "graveyard" nodes here are part of larger untagged ways that probably need a bit of a survey before tagging as amenity=graveyard (one's just triangular, which seems unlikely).

closed 1188243


closed 1670270 gregrs

Part of what's names Northbourne Road is actually The Street. Can't tell from OS StreetView where it changes over from one road name to the other so it needs surveying.

closed 672962 chippy

These ruins should be better mapped

closed 1097783 gregrs

I've added a few details to the Eurostar waiting area, but it would benefit from a more thorough survey.

closed 1252365 gregrs

Cathedral Square has now been redeveloped and various restaurants have opened on the north and east sides. Needs resurveying.

closed 1098820 gregrs

I think this might need a resurvey in terms of how the buildings divide. As of 10 Aug 2017, No. 24 is vacant, Deeson's is at Nos. 25–27, Pork & Co is on the corner and Creams is being renovated. I can't quite make it work with the existing building outlines...

closed 1018531 Gregory Williams

Now that Cafe Turquoise exists near the King's School entrance, check whether they've moved away from their Butchery Lane premises or whether it was in addition to them.

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