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open 68291 Firefishy

Where does this lane go? Dedicated counterflow lane?

over 9 years ago 12 months ago
closed 13398 gpz

The section of this road South of the highway is not visible of fairly recent imagery and probably doesn't exist.

over 9 years ago about 1 year ago
closed 3571 johng

Note resolved by mistake: Some streets needs to be added here. Marked as residential but contains no streets.
comment from Firefishy at May 13, 2013 16:37

:( Was one of the first suburbs mapped in JHB. Contributor wasn't contactable during license change.

almost 10 years ago over 9 years ago
open 19825 gpz

Outline of the Tweefontein plantation is a rough estimate. The extent of the plantation needs to be verified.

over 9 years ago over 9 years ago
open 1613 Gerhardus Geldenhuis

Nicely patterned roads just waiting to be mapped.

almost 10 years ago over 9 years ago

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