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GNIS gives the location of the Kettle Creek Diversion Dam as 38.9683263 lat., -104.7938660 long. But that can't possibly be correct, because that puts it right in the Pine Creek Golf Course.

Could someone please add the Kettle Creek Diversion Dam at its correct location?

It is GNIS feature ID 200489,

over 3 years ago 11 months ago
closed 197767 Paul Johnson


about 4 years ago 11 months ago
open 337074 gpspilot1

There's a software bug that prevents OpenStreetMap from calculating directions between Matei, Fiji and Wairiki, Fiji.

Namely, the crux of the problem is that the route would cross the 180-degree meridian. OpenStreepMap sees this as a mathematical singularity, and becomes quite helpless.

Believe it or not, this problem also affects two roads in Siberia.

It really bugs me... please fix it, OpenStreetMap developers!

over 3 years ago almost 2 years ago
closed 90927 chasclifton

This location is near my home, and I have lived here for more then twenty years. There is no mine at this location. It is the Breece Ranch, and it is grazing and timber land.

over 4 years ago about 2 years ago
closed 337175 gpspilot1

This is the largest and most modern canal in the San Luis Valley. Could someone with local knowledge please add its name?

Also, the direction of flow indicates that this canal carries water *toward* the Rio Grande River. Isn't it much more likely that it carries water *away from* the Rio Grande?

over 3 years ago over 3 years ago

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