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Hey guys. almost 9 years ago

Wow, that’s a lot of detail! I’ve only taken a look at the last few changesets.

A couple of minor fixes for * It has effectively replaced (which can be deleted). * It looks like it’s effectively an island (it’ll probably show up in KeepRight soon as a floating island, as way 277926405 does). I’m guessing there are crosswalks across Reeve Street by Keepa and Ballance that it should connect to. Within each of these crosswalks, tag [highway=crossing]( (and, optionally, a crossing value) at the node in common with Reeve Street.

Having everything connected improves routing. I don’t know if bicycles can legally use both roads and sidewalks/footpaths, but that’s one possibility.

Some of KeepRight’s warnings may be false positives, but I really like it as a Quality Assurance tool.

Bus Routes and variants almost 10 years ago

Is the timetable for that route with 6 (er, 2^6) alternatives published online somewhere? Surely they’re using only a dozen or so, not all 64 possibilities! But, if they are, I’m guessing you might find super-relations the way to go.

   | |

Above, the 2 alternative routes are ABCDE and ABFDE. Alternative ABCDE can also be represented as AB+BCD+DE, and alternative ABFDE as AB+BFD+DE. AB is a relation, BCD is a relation, BFD is a relation, DE is a relation, ABCDE is a super-relation with members AB, BCD, DE, ABFDE is a super-relation with members AB, BFD, DE.

Something I can’t determine from the Open Transport guidance is whether one must have ABCDE and ABFDE as members vs AB, BCD, BFD, DE. Looking at I suspect one would put in the whole route (A to E).

On implied turn restrictions and armchair mapping about 10 years ago

When you performed this movement, were all stoplights for eastbound Buena Vista Drive red? (is the outermost lane of eastbound not always green? was the lane occupied?)

JavaScript Bookmarklets for viewing OSM object's (node or way) deep history almost 11 years ago

By putting the a[4] into the parameter, you can handle Nodes/Ways/Relations with one bookmarklet: javascript:a=document.location.href.split('/'); if(a[2]+a[3]=='www.openstreetmap.orgbrowse') {document.location.href=''+a[4]+'.php?id='+a[5]} else {alert('This is not a valid OSM node/way/relation info page.')}

Google is pirating OSM almost 12 years ago

@iandees: "plenty" of businesses? I'm only seeing the cemetery. Try adding "-6801" to the query.

Only 400 Million Maps? We've Got ESRI Beat! over 12 years ago

Later that day, Tim "believed" it was cumulative.

VFR aviation map over 12 years ago

Due to limitations in the GPX parser, each "subtrack" needs its own GPX file. To simplify uploading 42 files, see for some options (or if you prefer PHP).

Road Data almost 13 years ago

No need to "change" the license if they make it available under _additional_ licensing.

Wikipedia text is commonly available via both GFDL and CC-BY-SA. Some commercial software is available via GPL and (for a fee) another license.

new perl renderer about 13 years ago

I noticed in the SVG that a piece of text is continually appearing after each of the "Y" coordinates. On the wikipage's SVG file (mapgen004Hovheim.svg), it's ".21283373252". This also occurs in the SVG, "Hof20BETA.svg", with ".029810502788". Er, ".02981050278765" rounded for decimal places.

Should it exist? The SVG files would be smaller without it.

Load .SHP extension data in OSM about 13 years ago

If you plan to import, take a look at the wiki under imports:

There's a possibility that some of the data is already there or being worked on, or that better data is available.

Request for Translation about 13 years ago

So... are you going to create pages for each castle_type=* (from historic=castle)? Can JOSM be modified so that, if it can't find Tag:key=value in the wiki, it'll look for Key:key?

Request for Translation about 13 years ago

Skippern: Was changing the wikitext of the [[Key:]] pages from {{tag|key|value}} to {{tag|key||example}} considered?

GPS Traces about 13 years ago

The wiki article is "Batch Upload".