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Vespucci 11.0 BETA 10 days ago

Thank you for the writeup !

Buses again 20 days ago

I would first map the variant with the largest schedule, then do at most 2-3 variants per route and would not bother with little exceptions to services. Just be sure to make the website=* tag point to official and up-to-date information to guide travelers.

I too wouldn't number the variants unless it's used by the bus company or operator.

I don't know what you mean by BPH or BPD

OSMCha News - February/2018 3 months ago

Nice, thanks for the update !

SMART bus stops 4 months ago

Congrats !

Nominatim and Postcodes 4 months ago

Thank you for these insights in Nominatim ! 7 months ago

Also maybe make a new blog entry for the new release, such old entries are not read by much people. 7 months ago

Nice, can't wait to see it !

loop dee loop 7 months ago

What is exactly the problem ? An error during registration on the OSM wiki ?

I don't see any edits since 2015 :

What's new in OSMCha 8 months ago

Nice writeup and update ! Thanks !

Public Transport Mapping, why do we add the stop details several times over? 10 months ago

Concentrate all the details (name, ref, zone, route_ref, operator, network) - on a node (as it has coordinates) - next to the highway (so it is immediately apparent in what direction the bus travels)

Why is the node next to the road the "primary" feature on a PT route ? Also, no it may not be immediately apparent for a lot of cases; for example when the node is between two roads, when buses are on a opposite lane.

Add additional details like bench and waste_basket as separate nodes Add additional detail like actual platform as way or area Add shelter as area, like we do for buildings

I agree, but I'm not sure to find an accurate enough method of drawing such features as of now.

Once all the details of the logical bus stop are on a single node, use this node in the route relations. To avoid clutter in the route relations, it would be better to not add them to the route relations.

Are you talking about "minor" features such as waste baskets and benches ?

The stop_area relations can be used to group all the objects together that make up the stop

Yes. However linking features like waste_baskets is more discutable as they are not really related to the bus stop apart from proximity.

Repeating name on stop_area relations will make managing them easier, but no need to repeat the names on the platform ways or the stop_position nodes.

Ideally software and users would be able to parse informations from the stop_area, sadly this may not always be the case. So I usually duplicate information there, but would not document or encourage this.

Public Transport Mapping, why do we add the stop details several times over? 10 months ago

Also no reason why the stop details should be repeated on them and no real need to add them to the route relations

Why should the platforms be part of the route and not the stops ? I don't see why one should be prioritized above the other; in I would argue that to the route the bus/train/tram takes the stopping positions are more related. So I think the best thing to do is to add them both to the relation; it's really not a big deal.

Public Transport Mapping, why do we add the stop details several times over? 10 months ago

I don't understand what is the issue with PTv2. The previous schema was limited and imprecise.

The downside of having a more exact schema is that it's less simple. But that's the price to pay to have an accurate map. You can't always map complex things with simple schema, sometimes you need to accept a bit more complexity (let's face it, it's really not that complicated to map stops and lines).

What's even better with PTv2, is that if you don't want to map stop_positions for example, you can just map the platforms, and let someone else map the rest. Please just don't delete correct information on the map because you don't want "extra complexity".

Switch2osm "Manually building a tile server" page updated 12 months ago

Neat, thanks !

Trouble with the French land registry 12 months ago

Maybe building errors come from the house owners not supplying corrects blueprints ?

Routing — Bearing Constraints for Departure and Arrival about 1 year ago

Neat writeup !

Recycling Containers about 1 year ago

Also, I think it would be a good idea to add those requests to the wiki, as it is more searchable than the user diaries, e.g. PT Quality Asurrance :

Recycling Containers about 1 year ago

Nice ressource for fixing the most common mistakes on recycling objects !

FYI, you can simplify those requests, for example the opening_hours one to :

out meta;
Monthly roundup - common errors and unexplained edits observed over 1 year ago

Neat !

Don't just do a mechanical edit, look at the area and look for other mistakes! over 1 year ago

"However if I was just looking at closed polygons, then I would have stopped as soon as I fixed that polygon, and moved on."

Yes, there would have been errors in that area that would have stayed untouched, but by checking the area and fixing those errors you (most probably) left broken polygons on the map during that time.

Both approaches ("subject-driven" and "area-driven") to fixing the map are valid; as the map can be always enhanced and human time is not infinite you'll always have to make a choice of what you want to add/fix and leave something behind.

That's the curse of the mapper :)

Routing — Reworked Open Source Routing Machine Setup and Documentation over 1 year ago

Nice, thank you for making it easier to run osrm !