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🌴 ☀️🍹

That would be really nice, but I feel quite hard to implement.

⚡⚡⚡ OSM API v1.0⁴: New data model, validation, OSM Premium and more

Wow, at last ! API 0.6 was showing its limits, happy to see it become web-scale.

Restructure wiki page key:name?

Hello Robhubi, I agree wholeheartedly with your analysis.

OpenStreetMap Website Vulnerability Report

Hi, thank you for the analysis and report !

distasteful thread in the community forums encourages trolling

you are mistaking the forest for the trees

It is not because I have omitted this POV that I missed it.

I adress it quite directly.

If you feel an user is unreasonable in face of such messages, why throw oil on the fire ? Are you fishing for an overreaction ? Because slice0 is right on that count; that’s harassment.

This has been an issue for months now and slice0 is just looking for any way possible to cause division within the community at this point

That is your point of view, that is shared surely by some others. It doesn’t make it right to be inflammatory, and it helps absolutely nothing. The point of all sides have been made. Be the bigger person. Don’t flame.

distasteful thread in the community forums encourages trolling

I’m quite disappointed by your messages Richard and CactiStaccingCrane.

Do you think it’s a good idea to pile up on someone that feel hurt by this ? Even I’d you think that slice0 has no reason to feel this way, is it how you want to interact with fellow mappers ?

OSMCha is moving to a new home

Thanks for supporting such a wonderful tool. I use it almost every day !


Nice work and writeup, thank you !

the DWG rules placed on my edits have already ruined the map

I don’t know about “we”, but “you” aren’t going to be doing anything until you have changed your attitude towards the rest of the OSM community.

Please remember the human behind each mapper. Sure, their position is at odds most of the time, but they are a motivated person contributing to the project.

I really don’t like the position you take by talking like that. You (SomeoneElse) sure give a lot to the project, but that doesn’t give you absolute moral superiority to the rest of the peasants here. You have a lot of experience, sure, and will be right most of the time, but you don’t speak for everyone here. No one can. Someone(Else :p) with “power” must understand that surely ?

Introducing Overpass Ultra v2

Nice tool, thank you !

Besoin d'aide pour Orelle


Je ne vois pas les adresses dans le cadastre et dans BANO, as-tu une idée de comment Google Maps a été mis à jour ?

The OSM Iceberg : Personal Commentary

Nice writeup, thanks !

Update du 07/01/2024

Merci pour les vidéos !

Nordic pistes rendering offset is now automated

I have feedback for you : That’s neat, thanks !

Here’s an example of the change, although probably not the best one.

Se former à OpenStreetMap et "Contribuer de manière collaborative à OpenStreetMap", aka SNT

Belle initiative, merci !

someone should praise me

Thank you mate !

Enriching website with Tempermonkey

Hi, thank you for the script, it’s pretty useful !

GSoC'23: Final Report

Thank you for your project and writeup !

Trend of OSM Objects Edited with focus on Organized editing

Thank you PierZen for compiling and sharing thoses stats !

Generalize OSM tagging model awareness and usage

Good writeup, merci !

I fully endorse Data Items, I’ve tried pushing their usage a bit, but was met with pushback by some (mainly one) contributors.

Here’s to hoping that they take off like they should !