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JOSM: Useful and underused shortcuts about 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing !

UX/UI Concept: Your Business on the Map over 1 year ago

Pretty much agree with everyone above. The intention is good, the workflow is quick and to the point, but I sadly think it will provide the expected effect.

cleaning up after a task manager task over 1 year ago

Thank you for this write-up and fixes !

Created location on osm, but it's showing up in Instagram over 1 year ago

I assume you mean it is not showing up in Instagram’s map ?

That’s because data (through the Mapbox map platform) are refreshed only after some time. Be patient and it’ll come :)

Boiserie Le Creff over 1 year ago

Bonjour, les notes OpenStreetMap sont plus adaptées si vous souhaitez référencer votre commerce :

Ou encore mieux, n’hésitez pas à créer votre compte et contribuer, c’est assez rapide :)

To name or not to name ... over 1 year ago

it can be argued that they shouldn’t have individual names

On the other hand I don’t think larger parts of the community are actually uncomfortable with adding a name tag to a McDonald’s and I would speculate that this is what in common usage would be considered its name

You’re right, but it looks like your opinion (and therefore suggestion) seem clear to me with this wording.

Not a huge deal, it’s just that this issue has and still cost me (and surely others) a lot of contributor time to remove/fix names that are only brands.

Anyway thank you for the data !

To name or not to name ... over 1 year ago

Thank you for your analysis !

I see that you suggest, with the fast-food example, to use the brand name as the name=*. Wouldn’t the name used in the chain’s website, bills, internal and communication be better suited ?

I’m of the opinion (and the Osmose QA project) that names should be in most part unique. Outside OSM, that’s precisely the goal of most names : to differentiate things/persons.

Train Route Relations almost 2 years ago

To be throrough, it would be best to map each variant. But if it takes too long for the time you have available, you can start with the longest (A-F) segment, that will help anyway.

Maybe just don’t specify interval on the longest (A-F) segment, as it does not run every 60 minutes.

You can link to the timetable with the website=* tag.

GSoC 2021 Final Report for OpeningHoursEvaluator almost 2 years ago

Thank you for this tool and presentation. I hope you had a good time too :)

simplifying reception of the OSMWeekly newsletter almost 2 years ago

Nice script and workaround, thanks for sharing !

since every item contains links to pictures

Some RSS readers have a “low-bandwidth” mode where the images are not loaded, like TinyTinyRss. Maybe that would fit your needs ?

A few words on the OSMF attribution guidelines almost 2 years ago

Thank you for this thorough analysis ! I hope to see the day where OSM contributors will be directly credited through Mapbox widgets on huge social websites ! But with the substential rules of the “10000 square meters”, I think the status-quo will remain sadly.

An Automated Approach to Identifying Corporate Editing Activity almost 2 years ago

Nice study, thank you for sharing your results even before the SotM !

Granting permission regarding Kira Maps about 2 years ago

Hi, I added a page in the wiki to help other mapper discover this data source. Feel free to add or edit information on there if necessary.

Have a good day !

Granting permission regarding Kira Maps about 2 years ago

Hello, that’s wonderful, thank you ! I would suggest putting this authorization in the wiki, it’s best suited for such things. I can do that myself if you are not familiar with the wiki.

However I’m still unsure as to what is in those map tiles, their company is about (their website seems down), and I couldn’t use the imagery mentionned in your changesets; the key seems revoked.

Maybe you could also add an example screenshot of the map tiles and the process to obtain access to them for other mappers ?

Granting permission regarding Kira Maps about 2 years ago

Hi, lalolan response was to help you, Kira, and the community. Kira doesn’t want to share its data with commercial users and that’s their right. OSM allows commercial users. Integrating data against the producer’s (Kira) would be harmful to everyone.

We understand that you are willing to help OSM with that data, but sadly this way seems not possible at this moment.

Maybe you could explain that as a lot of opensource projects, OSM do allow commercial use, and ask them to allow it too ?

Changeset comment clarification about 2 years ago

I don’t understand your comment. How would you indicate that you made a change based on a on-the-ground survey, if not with a source=survey on the changeset ?

Changeset comment clarification about 2 years ago

Hi, thank you for those detailed changeset comments !

If I may, I would suggest to add the source of your modifications on the changesets. It helps when a future mapper use another source and want to know whether their one is more up to date or precise. That way they don’t overwrite recent data with an older source.

First Impressions of Open Street Map about 2 years ago


In France (for example), a lot of street names, adresses and buildings have been imported successfully. What’s blocking the import is most often an incompatible license between cities’ data and OSM.

OSM do cooperate with “government entities”, see Tiger, French cadastre, and a whole lot I can’t think of.

Anyway, thank you for joining us and contributing !

Bonjour about 2 years ago

Bonjour et bienvenue !

piste:difficulty on ski routes relations - not so great about 2 years ago