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New road style for the Default map style - the second version almost 3 years ago

One concept that may be useful from USGS topo maps is the "house omission tint", which (at 1:25K scale) is about noting to the reader that there are so many houses (small buildings) that they are not shown. I wonder if building omission should be something more adaptive, so that one isolated house is drawn but many are shown as a tint. This is probably hard but I wanted to point you to it.

In general I prefer as much detail as is feasible in terms of buildings, but omitting buildings that fall below some number of pixels seems reasonable. In osmand I find that buildings are omitted too aggressively, but I tend to look at less urban areas.

For rail, I have liked the crosshatch-on-lines style used by USGS. Clearly at lower zoom only the through lines should be shown, but in general I only favor omitting things which cause objectionable clutter.

The thing I'd like to see you tackle is showing unpaved on residential/unclassified and up. Certainly I have driven on roads that I would consider tertiary that are not paved. I realize this is contentious (but don't really understand why).