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Post When Comment is down almost 4 years ago

for info,
there are no ipv6 aaaa records for this domain which causes me grief when i’ve not set up a vpn from my ipv6-only provider after a reboot.

the ipv4 records for the domain and the subdomain andy (and i) use are identical, 6770 IN A 4615 IN A

;; SERVER: 2001:4860:4860::8844#53(2001:4860:4860::8844)
obviously cached results as the g00g returns uncached results with the original ttl decremented by one.

i have these in a whitelist hosts file, so that dns oddities don’t affect me, and without researching i’ve no idea what a `404’ response is, but i’ve had no problems during my infrequent use the last week, apart from a bug i observed, then reported, and have the assurance it will be remedied tomorrow, sunday. which makes sense as this is not pascal’s own machine, but hosted elsewhere, as a ptr query on the ipv4 address shows: name =

this is reflected by the soa records returned by g00gle for an aaaa query as the provider.

not sure if this helps, but hey, works for me most of the time.

and i should probably learn kram/mark-down syntax to make my rubbish look pretty, but it’s really not worth the bother to me. text/plain is what i’m used to, so long as it gets the point across. as if i have a point.

A Hard Lesson, You Need Android 6.0 or Higher for the New Mapillary App almost 4 years ago

i’ve never allowed google services on my android tablet, so i’m able to visit the alternatives like which confirms the latest does indeed have 6.0 minimum requirement.

however i see this is fairly recent, as not too far back the requirement was for 4.0.3 ice cream sandwich, ending with
* V3.152 29.5 MB APK
Mapillary 3.152 (452)
Update on: 2019-07-27
Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15)
Signature: ac9dee4dbc1006786bebef4497a66e5946dd926c Mapillary
3.152(452) safe verified

if you feel comfortable hashing your manual download signature and granting permission to install random apks, this may put your samsung back to use.

my tablet sez 4.0.3, so other than i use it as no more than an x-server display with great pain, i could try it to verify the claims of these older versions.

Updates to DigitalGlobe imagery layers about 4 years ago

NDR-w6, additional higher resolution images can be seen in the us from mapbox in some locations, which have trickled up to one of the dg layers in the past in pixellated form. also, esri as a collective of at least hundreds of sources ranges from dg-matching imagery to much higher resolution (i think i saw native z23 details in a small part of us state hawaii). the esri clarity layer is about a decade old but matches what bing used to offer from aerial overflights.

then of course there are localised regional offerings that can be much better with pixel resolution to a handful of cm.

as i do not know your area of mapping interest, i give generic guidelines here based on my experience. as always, it is a compromise whether the ``best’’ (i think these quotes will get swallowed) imagery layer should be the newest, or the clearest.

thanks kevin, i almost always cycle through all tms imageries available for my worldwide mis-mapping and the wide choice you offer is much appreciated.

What the robots.txt file does over 4 years ago

what i find interesting is that from my observations, the presence or absence of diary spam, given lack of knowledge of any other mitigating measures, seems to depend very much on this entry.

that is based on pulling up the generic overall diaries the past days at random insomniac times during nighttime (0-6h gmt), yet not seeing anything beyond the past day’s normal posts.

another thing bothering me is there is no mention of /note in the crawler file, but apart from a single apparent trial balloon matching one of the spams-of-the-time in diaries, in notes countries i visit, i haven’t noticed any flood of notes spam so apparently the diaries have something to offer the spammers that geographically-precise notes lack.

another thing off-topic is that it seems since a commit i’ve seen out-of-context, it appears Notes in en_GB locale (i think) at least, are getting a redundant ago ago, the latter giving precise details. as i am likely within less than 24 hours of another indefinite ‘net cutoff, rather than wasting my time better spent packing, i’d rather not register at github but prefer someone else with time verify my strings observation and do my homework. for me.

with that i bid thee so long, farewell, auf wiederseh’n, adieu, to you and you and you,
i leave and heave (BARF)
good-bye gooooood-byyyyyyyeeeeeee

mind the starters

Sigh. Now it is _主管Q (“_SupervisorQ”) Spammers over 4 years ago

(buncha new comments i haven’t read yet)

just wanted to mention i had a look-in shortly after 23h UTC on … sat? sun? i hates timezones. let’s go with saturday. the first diary page was nowt but spam.

i then tried to figure out how much there was. page 20, nada. even after whittling away, page two, zilch. and page one when reviewed minutes later was free of this garbage.

so while it is early morning my time, the osm admins are not partying as i used to do some fifty years ago on the weekend, but are doing what you accused them of not doing at the start.

with a small team, one can’t expect perfection, but as an aside, i would like to offer a pint to the moderator (you know who you are) today/yesterday [transition defined by my sleep] with the cryptic keyword, Rochester.

now to re-read previous commentary and probably regret it…

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It over 4 years ago

if you’re going to reach out to whoever did that.

i would never contact anyone about so-called poor or allegedly sub-standard mapping. there are plenty of other socially-gifted mappers who have chosen to fill that role on occasion. when i fix mistakes like this (aligning to best imagery, fine-tuning, de-overlapping or joining ways at present) i do so quietly unless i am trying to debug a systematic error. this is a user skill/knowledge issue that one cannot expect of beginning independent pokemon mappers and no reason to attribute it to any one person.

i only „reach out“ (what an awful phrase, sounds like an unwanted physical approach) in cases of technical issues (as in ) or vandalism (such as )

I couldn’t help myself and fixed it. Sorry.

sorta. you depart from the ramp earlier than mapbox shows it meeting the pavement, and i hope the pokemon players who take your directions literally hold you personally responsible for their injuries, immersed in their vr like lemmings.

i expected something like that :-P luckily or not, i have plenty of other examples up my sleeve. traces i spend more time trying to understand than it takes to re-draw. with this thread, we might be able to clear up california… (how easy to get mappers to carry out my unspoken bidding, muahaha)

the usually best mapbox imagery hides too much reality here.

Also, I thought I was the last person to abandon the Potlatch2 ship.

in early 2019, there were 1’673 users, down from 6’451 for all of 2018. however, i have changed the above url to reflect the status of potlatch 1.4 as my default editor, the number of users of which would not even fit into my flat, uncomfortably or otherwise, for a potlatch party neither for early 2019, nor the 233 in all of 2018.

i need to get a bigger flat.

Pokemon GO Mappers - What They Do and Why They Do It over 4 years ago

Feel free to comment or shoot me

and then
and then you
and then you open
and then you open a
and then you open a location
and then you open a location like

and then
and then the
and then the pain
and then the pain the pain
and then you realise the brain surgery had no effect
the pain the pain omigodomigodomigodomigod the pain the pain
i’ve only been awake 48 hours without a break
my first caffeine in years
it’s only a map, why am i shaking so
maybe i am not seeing right, i close me eyes
eyes closed click

hello? is anyone out there??? is this qa purgatory?
SNAP eyelids stronger than multiple layers gaffer tape carefully applied and welded to skin
mebbe if i stare at it, it will go away. show it who is the dominant canine in this doghouse.
eyes watering. NO BLINKING. the tears come. sobbing, heaving, weeping, wailing, moaning, gnashing of teeth.
i can fix this.
i can.
i can.
can i?
the uncertainty. is this art? is this sleep deprivation?
this is a masterpiece.
ii am hearing visions and seeing voices. iinn sstteerreeoo. with reverberberberberb.
all hail the mapper.
learn to love the mapper.
we are all the mapper.
we are here to serve the mapp.
no. i cannot. i close the tab and go somewhere else.
i have failed. i am no longer a mapper.

Sigh. Now it is _主管Q (“_SupervisorQ”) Spammers over 4 years ago

i believe there is presently no team to handle these attacks, and we rely on one individual to purge everything at once. humans need to sleep and enjoy a holiday at the beach this coming week.

at best, moderators can act on individual posts, and with a page of new entries coming in during the time it took me with lynx to scan the page at the start of the overnight spamming, this is not practical for automated flooding.

this morning the count approached page 550 until at around 07h your time (06h on my utc clock) i suddenly found an update put me back at year 2012. during the night it seemed the rate might exceed the 900 pages earlier until working hours, but then, i tried with `wget -S’ as well as looking at the source if i could tell the precise time of a particular diary entry, with nothing better than
Posted by <\a href=”/user/ljlfjlxp717”>ljlfjlxp717</\a> on 20 June 2019 in <\ a href=”/diary/bn”>Bengali (বাংলা)</a>

so i can only guess when the flood starts and ends.

So what is the point in posting? (I have zero idea, complicated by my lack of fluency in Bengali).

there has been no bengali that i have seen. several were in english, random snippets, such as news articles.

there need not be a financial self-serving interest; it may be simple vandalism such as i have fought in Notes around Freiburg i.Br., or the Kimberly spammer/St.Valentines Day Massacree, or the brasilian Waze-ish flood and still-running low-level nuisance ‘bot posts, or the cyrillic character spammer who returned last week after a month break with another low-level flood, running at mid-level until a month ago, but those are hand-posted almost-creative notes. all a pain to deal with by hand without some assisting tool.

these may still be test runs before unveiling the sponsor, if any, but there are enough bad actors out there who get satisfaction from disruption without personal gain.

Departing Turkmenistan in June over 4 years ago

thanks from me too, your contributions have become inseparable in my mind from your (i write this from my own perspective of adopting several countries as ‘mine’) country, and i appreciate all you have added to osm.

best wishes.

Behold Cassandra over 4 years ago

just thought that i would mention early monday morning that this diary post has been pushed back to page 630 by the time i found the end, at or just after 04h GMT (not sure if you use your local time above).

and around 04h15 GMT, vk409/diary/ 185921 leads the first page, so you can draw your conclusions how much crap is in progress since your sunday stats analysis.

glad i’m not doing cleanup of this by hand over my painfully slow graphic interface.

thanks in advance / again to all who will have cleaned things up later today once again.

Improving the Behavior of Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) Companies over 4 years ago

Moin GroundRoastNuts,

You write of your country focus. After two months offline, I return to see that of english-speaking countries, australia seems to be hard-hit by Notes spammage.

And in fact, it seems edits matching your criteria do happen without the US of A (Canada should also catch my eye) revealed by the futile commentary to

I do not pay attention to much of anything, but that caught me eye.

Carry On Cancelling

#CrimeaІsUkraine #DWG #CrimeaMap #КримЦеУкраїна #ИхТамНет almost 5 years ago


posting screen shots (rendered in Microsoft Paint) in "New Diary Entry" about 5 years ago

While I do not understand the need for a screenshot other than as a snapshot at a particular point of time like right now where a new carto style means a mix of new, blank areas and older rendered areas, I was disappointed that none of the posted links take me to the actual area you see these problems.

However from your description, I believe you are referring to an area which might be around which you can see has a lot of problems preventing many woods from rendering.

You can also zoom in with Mapnik tiles to see the forests re-appearing at certain zoomlevels.

I took a look at a couple problem areas to see if a quick fix was posssible for this beginner, only to realise the logic behind the self-intersecting multipolygons was too much for me to perform a quickie fix, sad to say.

JOSM 13996 released about 5 years ago

not knowing the AZERTY kezboard layout, would the squared/tilde be the raw key at upper left normally? That is, should a QWERTZ kezboard victim need to go through the contortions for the tilde I see positioned elsewhere, or would what appears to be a ^ caret or probably a degree sign I see on the particular QWERTZ kezboard layout in front of me but which raw scancodes I interpret as something completely different, rather than hunting and pecking at all the keys in locations not matching me muscle memory?

Ugh. That last sentence was pretty bad, and was not one. I think I need to wake up, or else sleep.

NOP over 5 years ago


You have used the incorrect acronym ,,ASCI’’ in ,,ASCI-Text’’ here.

The correct term is ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) or more specifically US-ASCII.

However it is not necessary to limit yourself to this 128-character set (minus unprintable control characters up to but not including position 0x20, plus the rubout at 0x7F), as it is perfectly possible to send any of the Unicode characters which can most efficiently be sent as UTF-8 multi-byte encodings, although with the proper MIME charset encoding specified, even proprietary encoding schemes can be viewed on different platforms with the proper or soft conversion such as is provided by the `iconv’ utility, depending on display compatibility.

So the text of your entire post above, bullet points, diacritics and all, will arrive with all these non-US-ASCII characters intact, provided the MIME support is properly matured which after so many decades these baby-shoes teething problems had better have been worked out, despite many heated e-mail exchanges between myself and those who did not see the need to adhere to such a Standart, the monolinguist culture-blind heathen.

As for an e-mail client, I heartily recommend PINE (Pine Is Not Elm), simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for advanced users. Includes not just POP3 but also IMAP support and can work around Google’s implementation bugs. It’s been my staple go-to MUA for decades, although I must admit the majority of my mail is done by directly reading /var/spool/mail/arschloch (oh blast, just gave away my local username, better secure the telnet port) with replies hand-typed to port 25, or for Usenet NNTP articles, port 119. Keeps the mind feeling young, even as the body fails in multiple catastrophic ways, usually several times in the same day.

JOSM users will spit upon me and advocate Mutt, whilst in return I shall retaliate that I do my editing in Potlatch 1 (and occasionally 2) so go ahead and revert my changesets, you whiny 64-bit bitches.

Pine also allows you to access the list archives (for which I personally use Lynx) when provided by (S)NNTP and treat them as a local copy, for which not just reading passively, but full participation by replying and engaging in flame-wars is very much possible, without changing the interface. It’s like Christmas all over again, the whole year ‘round.

In the name of accuracy, pedanticity, and all that is hallowed and sacred. Amen.

Search Engine Optimization Destructive Edits over 5 years ago

There is 0ne n0de f0r which I 0pened a bug-rep0rt I repeatedly disc0ver. I hesitated t0 revert it as 0ther users take the care t0 merge the inf0 fr0m the n0de, 0ften including the spammy descripti0n field, where 0nly the service 0f Upgraded Cust0mer Lives catches my interest.

I w0uld g0 n0 further than an flat revert, as Na… er, Michael suggests. N0 changeset discussi0n. Which is why I leave P0G0 city-wide parks, neighb0urh00d-wide lakes, driveway rivers, backyard v0lcan0es, glaciers, and 0bscure religi0ns t0 m0re level-headed 0SMlers. N0 benefit t0 the SE0 wh0 d0esn’t give a rat’s if they destr0y 0SM t0 make a quick buck, 0r the business wh0 sh0uld kn0w better than t0 patr0nise such scumbags while s0me 0f us w0nder where 0ur next meal c0mes fr0m 0r if I sh0uld c0llect empty cans and b0ttles f0r a new kezb0ard instead.

I write as an embittered veteran 0f the spam wars, a milli0n spams fl00ding in f0ll0wed by a milli0n cancels sec0nds later, and hundreds 0f tight-knit c0mmunities destr0yed. I take that appr0ach t0 the advert N0tes bug-rep0rts as well, trying t0 clean them up where n0b0dy has cared either.

Just an advance warning if a revert flies past 0ne day which s0me0ne else feels sh0uld have been handled differently.

Bing Imagery Quality versus Ersi World almost 6 years ago

Sorry, first diary comment ever, there used to be paragraph breaks like what get preserved in changeset discussions, but no longer present above. Another hint I should keep things short and sweet. Rather than learn how to markup.

Bing Imagery Quality versus Ersi World almost 6 years ago

Hi, Without knowing where in Michigan you are mapping, here are some of my observations: The Bing imagery can consist of zoomlevel 20 imagery like around metro Detroit, easily identified by distortions in trees and some structures by attempting to re-align angled perspectives to appear to be straight on from directly above, something that can take time to gain experience with, to interpret correctly. Earlier Bing imagery at zoomlevel 19 was rather older, and now has been mostly replaced by lousy but newer imagery as you have noted. The older imagery was from aeroplanes and in some parts of the US had a noticeable offset from USGS data or state data, but at least was corrected, if not like the z20 imagery which seems to attempt to use LIDAR or something (I don’t know what that is so here I’m writing without knowing of what I speak) to correct things not at ground level (buildings, chimneys, powerlines and so), but at least based on ground contours. I don’t think that paragraph makes any sense, and isn’t what I intended to explain ;-) The newer Bing imagery appears to be of satellite origin, with native resolution far worse than the aeroplane images. At best zoomlevel 18 or maybe more likely 17. It’s artificially overzoomed in a way that does not show pixellation like with DigitalGlobe to be able to be viewed at ``native’’ z19. I’m not the only armchair mapper to have commented on the poor quality. In many areas I’ve covered, the previous old-yet-clear z19 Bing imagery can still be seen via ESRI at some zoomlevels, with a lower zoomlevel giving newer imagery. Despite being out of date I prefer to trace since-demolished buildings from that into empty areas, only to add a note once I discover newer imagery shows something different in its place. The Bing imagery, like the two DigitalGlobe sources, when from satellite, may be nearly aligned to other imageries, or (as nearer to me, commented by other mappers) may be many metres askew. But being so miserable, and meself having become spoilt with ESRI zoomlevel 21 source imagery in several parts of the US, I can’t bring myself to trace from anything Bing apart from z20, itself somewhat long in the tooth now. Perhaps it attempts to correct for terrain somewhat, but not enough for my standards today. In one particular area of Michigan the ESRI z19 imagery shows winter leaf-off conditions, while Bing z20 shows full leaf cover where there might be buildings. However if there is a terrain model to correct, in hilly areas there can be a wild difference to Bing z20 over a single city block, so there I trace missing buildings and individually align them to Bing z20 (that is, when I could have been arsed early on, when parts of the buildings could be made out under the trees). After seeing the Bing z19 offset nearer to the US east coast, I found there the best imagery to be then the USGS Large Scale imagery, before that service was castrated to its shadow of its former self today. Still, that remains my reference for alignment, me assuming the USGS will be suitably interested in correctness regardless of how blurry. In general I find that to be true enough, within the metre or so of blur present today, in all parts of the US I’ve been active, even where z21 imagery is available. My mapping causes me to cycle regularly through all available imageries, to guess at relative ages and offsets, to discover the different imageries can have varying offsets even over the expanse of a warehouse, so that I almost ignore the offsets so long as existing features are relatively close (highway centrelines, building outlines), given the errors induced by perspective and tracing inaccuracy likely are just as much. Man, do I write a load of old rubbish in far too many words. And that’s with fewer free beers so far to make the extended holidays yesterday and today tolerable. So far.