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closed 294186 eugenebata

Add pedestrian plaza.

closed 294184 eugenebata

Pedestrian area should surround Herald Square (park).

closed 296424 eugenebata

Should this be tagged as "GreenFlea Flea Market (SUNDAY" when its primary usage is the schoolyard for Middle School 44?

closed 437368

Building name is: "Bartlett"

closed 437367

This building name is: "Bartlett"

closed 301065 eugenebata

Island is not rendering properly.

closed 128047

Prince St. is not a one-way road. It is marked No-thru traffic, but only on the section between Church St. and South Broadway.

The section between Phillips Street and Church Street is fully bidirectional.

closed 218346

there is a public restroom in that building

closed 218345

This is not the Coler Goldwater Hospital.
It's a residential building. (called the Octagon Building)

closed 85064 UN Owen

915 3rd Ave (corner of 55th & 3rd Ave):
P.J. Clarke's (Resataurant).


In fact, the adjacent building (909 3rd Ave) was built AROUND Clarke's - a rarity, here in NYC, though there are a few cases I know of.

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