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closed 2748022 eMerzh

pleine de jeux +hydrant

via StreetComplete 33.0

closed 3697058 eMerzh

no path

closed 2755777 eMerzh

poubelle papier + emballage ménagé + verre

via StreetComplete 33.1

closed 2904145

difficult building:
wiki:nl says it's a church, wiki:fr says it's a chapelle (Saint-Donat)
egliseinfo says it's a chapelle and a church (institution): (Saint-Donat) says it's a chapelle: Chapelle Saint-Donat

Oh, and miniardenne says it is named Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Paix.. ??

closed 3509354 eMerzh


via StreetComplete 50.1

Attached photo(s):

closed 2782372 eMerzh


via StreetComplete 33.2

closed 2780435 eMerzh

Unable to answer "What is the name of this road?" for via StreetComplete 33.2:

route récente pas encore nommée

closed 3418536 eMerzh

Unable to answer "What’s the name of this place?" for via StreetComplete 48.0:

Coiffure difference

closed 3106054 eMerzh

3 arceaux a vélo en metal

via StreetComplete 42.0-beta1

closed 2681660 eMerzh

banc avec dossier en bois

via StreetComplete 32.0-beta1

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