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closed 507841 e*holtz

May need a field check to verify whether there is actually a street called Templeton Road here or if it is just a long driveway.

closed 605327 davepfowler

Arts Cyclery

closed 406099

Address number verification needed

closed 508720 H20CalFire

White area is not a building but is actually white concrete, and the rest is asphalt color.

closed 425920 MannequinBaby

Address Validation needed.
Branch vs South.
430? 426?

closed 508722 H20CalFire

Thai Kitchen restaurant's address is Traffic Way, as it faces Traffic Way and not Bridge Street.

closed 78576

new townhouses

closed 406757 MannequinBaby

needs verification. 520, 541, etc

closed 139966 chadbunn

New neighborhood here. Roads, homes.

closed 2102 Paul Bartsch

Topaz solar farm

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