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closed 1617394 sophietheopossum


open 4191368 dzidek23

According to the map here should be a public footpath with PRoW.
Could someone confirm this is accessible, and it is possible to walk from end of John Wake Close to Godsey Lane?

closed 3870836 Matyjace

Forwarding anonymous report from #mapycz user, please verify: "Galeria Sztuki w Legnicy"

closed 3811963 Matyjace

Forwarding anonymous report from user, please verify: "closed"

closed 2162638 dzidek23

Is this still a brownfield?

closed 2339914 bathines

I have modified road class to cycle path based on internal driver feedback and OS Open data street view. Since i'm not aware of the barrier type, I have added barrier = yes. If any local mapper has information regarding this barrier at this place, please tag it accordingly or please let me know, I will make the edits.

closed 2327418 Sitizenm

Вонючий хостел для украинцев

open 3681391 dzidek23

Car park not in use. New, bigger area available 100yds down Ham Lane. Not sure what the plans are for this car park.

open 3681392 dzidek23

GPS trace needed or updated satellite imagery

closed 2062399 dzidek23

What's this?

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