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closed 572951

New bike racks being installed.

3 days ago 1 day ago
closed 530342

The whole area West from this point has been rebuild.

I'm currently standing on a road parallel to both Queen's Drive and Dumbiedykes Road.

I'm surrounded by new blocks of flats and there's no playground.

2 months ago 1 day ago
closed 544212

Byron Burger opening here soon

about 2 months ago 4 days ago
closed 300063 drnoble

High level section of Great Glen Way along here missing, opened last summer

over 1 year ago 4 days ago
closed 548718 Hervé Saint-Amand

If I'm reading the wiki right this shouldn't be tagged highway=track. It's just a footpath, that happens to be wide and flat. But it's not for tractors to get to their fields.

about 1 month ago 5 days ago
closed 558842

add building
+ company Luma 3D interactive Ltd
64/1 The causeway

25 days ago 6 days ago
closed 560669 Rostranimin

This 'tourism=camp_site' surely cannot be a reasonable tagging. This is people camping here as a protest (statement/vigil/etc), not a 'camp site' in any ordinary terms.

23 days ago 13 days ago
closed 557638 drnoble

Pretty sure this has all been demolished now, cycled past yesterday, but needs a survey of what is left if anything

27 days ago 20 days ago
open 415213 drnoble

Looks like new housing development being built here, need to check extents and map details once complete

10 months ago 20 days ago
closed 526232 Hobgoblin

Does St Margaret's Primary School share the same building as Loanhead Primary School?

#OSMSchools project

3 months ago 20 days ago

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