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2 months ago 1 day ago
open 678806 drnoble

New housing development going in here, needs a survey own a few months

12 days ago 12 days ago
open 627853 Chris Fleming

Hostel has been added here as urat - think this refers to student halls - which often are available as hostel type rentals over the summer. But I think these are more student halls than not, Worh a survey to get exact location and name.

about 2 months ago 12 days ago
open 638687 Rmcintire

Converted brewery (OSM data version: 2016-05-10T14:41:03Z) #mapsme

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
closed 650477 Rostranimin

Edinburgh speed limit changes - quick check of zone edge required here:
Full zone 1 speed limit boundary survey carried out today, and speed limits changed, but I forgot to check this small network of streets (Elder Street, St James Place). York Place is still 30mph. Leith Street here is 20mph. Where is the zone edge - at the entry to Elder Street from York Place or at the exit of St James Place onto Leith Street?

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
open 602940 eric_

Nordic Visitor: to survey to check their correct location -- number 16 or 22?

2 months ago 13 days ago
closed 650390 drnoble

Check if this section of Queen street is 20 mph limit

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
closed 528119 eric_

A relatively new building is missing here

6 months ago 13 days ago
closed 638337 Rostranimin

I believe that there's the ongoing development of a new path link here (unmapped) linking Moray Park Terrace to Lochend Butterfly Way (see discussion ).

about 1 month ago 13 days ago
closed 625637

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home

about 2 months ago 13 days ago

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