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closed 3616874

4 x EV chargers here (Ionity brand)

closed 4093724 edi1979

Taxidi Greek bistro has closed suddenly

open 4117957 SmithyScotland

Think this bridge has now reopened.

open 3587675 edi1979

There is still a bus stop here but Edinburgh Bus Tours (and Bright Bus Tours) now use Waterloo Place (east end, south side) as the starting and endpoint for the tours.

open 4010416 edi1979

The Bearded Baker is opening at number 22 early in 2024 after leaving premises elsewhere in Rodney Street

open 4118776 drnoble

Is there another phone mast here?

closed 4111262

School extension complete and shared use path open between Dundee Street and Bainfield

closed 3792644 edi1979

Plaque erected by Murrayfield Community Council commemorating location of former Coltbridge Horse Tram Terminus 1873-1899. Plaque on abutment of railway bridge As you pass by on pavement.

closed 4027692 SmithyScotland

Margiotta is open or due to open here shortly according to signage.

closed 4117955 SmithyScotland

Finished block of flats now here

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