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open 1145036 GinaroZ

Port of Leith shown twice here now that waterway=dock names are rendered. and

Perhaps best to get rid of the natural=water relation as the dock way covers basically all of it?

3 days ago about 20 hours ago
open 1147014 drnoble

This section of WoL walkway closed until April 2018 for Miller Homes works

about 20 hours ago about 20 hours ago
closed 1146073 edi1979

easyCoffee now open in corner unit

2 days ago about 21 hours ago
closed 1033654 edi1979

Pret A Manger are going to be moving into the corner unit. Refurbishment under way mid Jun 2017.

3 months ago 3 days ago
closed 1070178

Footpath across tracks to depot

2 months ago 3 days ago
closed 1124609

This junction exit is marked No Entry leaving the r/bout toward the tram station. Only traffice coming down from the tram station toward the roundabout is permitted.

19 days ago 3 days ago
closed 1137243 Mivoligo

Unable to answer "What is the house number of this building?" for via StreetComplete:

there are four numbers for this building: 159, 161, 163, 165

9 days ago 3 days ago
open 848755 edi1979

New construction here is the Hampton by Hilton Hotel due for completion Oct 2017

8 months ago 4 days ago
open 1003266 drnoble

Construction work ongoing here, not sure what though

4 months ago 4 days ago
closed 1013074 edi1979

I believe the footbridge is due to be removed in the last week of June.

4 months ago 4 days ago

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