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closed 2076590 nico3545

private street

open 1958482 doug_sfba

I heard rumours that The Ship has closed (again). Can someone local pls verify and update the map if necessary?

closed 778722 doug_sfba

I think the current name is Waterdog Lake Open Space. Local confirmation and tag adjustment required

closed 778721 doug_sfba

I think the current name is Hidden Canyon Park. Not Hidden Valley Open Space Preserve. Local confirmation and tag adjustment required

closed 778727 doug_sfba

I think the Waterfront Restaurant may be out of operation (looked up it's website). Local confirmation and tag adjustment required..

closed 1376538 doug_sfba

This site's major function is as Royal Roads University (a large sign is situated at the gate), but the label is hardly visible on the map and disappears completely at zooms lower than 16. It appears to be just a National Historic Site.

closed 828397

These incomplete sidewalks drawn in this neighborhood are making pedestrian routing impossible. They should be changed to sidewalk=both/left/right/no.tags instead, which doesn't look as pretty with the current rendering, but is actually more useful for a variety of use cases.

closed 924887 doug_sfba

The rendering of Woodley Island seems to have disappeared. The car parks and buildings are floating in Humboldt Bay!

closed 560838 doug_sfba

Suspect this should be "Save-on-Foods", not "Safe-on....."

closed 456269 Dougfir

Condon Rd

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