Mapper since:
March 24, 2015

Dar es Salaam Ramani Huria is a mapping project aiming to control floods by building capacity to university students and local community members so that they can create accurate maps of the most flood prone areas of the city. The purpose of participating local community members is because they knows well where flood prone areas are. During Ramani Huria 1.0 phase, we trained university students and community members to collect data by using GPS, uploading data to JOSM as well as producing map by QGIS software. So, we started to map wards that are at risk during the rain seasons. In Ramani Huria 2.0 that started on July 2017, we started by training more than 300 students from Ardhi University on data collection by using ODK, OMK, digitizing and uploading data to openstreetmap. We are intending to map 35 wards during this phase. By having maps that indicate flood prone areas act as a decision tools to the government, communities and other stakeholders to fight against floods in Dar es Salaam. So far, we have set up a Youthmappers Chapter at University of Dar es salaam and we are looking forward to have another Chapter at Ardhi University.