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Make sure that the source mentions a date about 11 years ago

I'd like the option to discard points with a HDOP value above a certain value. People who sample five points a second and indiscriminately upload (i.e. without filtering the data first) are the bane of using GPS points, since their point cloud mess obscures the better measurements.

Scanex to grant OSM access to IRS satellite imagery about 11 years ago

Thanks for the WMS URLs, I'm using them in JOSM right now for some armchair mapping!

Best practice: offline mapping? about 11 years ago

I have an open source app on my phone called MobileTrailExplorer that saves my bluetooth GPS mouse's data stream. I can make a waypoint by hitting #, and edit the name using the phone's native textbox widget. Having become proficient with entering text on the thing (SMSes mostly), this is actually fairly doable.

A bigger problem is putting the damn GPS away and actually enjoying the holiday...;-)

New hobby: OpenStreetMapping over 11 years ago

I liked the observation that Openstreetmap hits the sweet spot between cycling, gadgetry, geeking out, and helping the community. That's why it's my new best thing ever, too ;-)

The first version of the openstreetmap to blender results are checked in! nice! over 11 years ago

Cool! What's the primary application at the moment? Automatic generation of terrain?

Things could get really interesting if you could export from Blender to OSM. Imagine being able to use Blender's complex spline editing tools. Or being able to draw a Bezier curve to describe a smooth road, then convert to straight segments, and then convert back to OSM. Come to think of it, perhaps it could be possible to integrate a large part of JOSM's functionality into Blender as a plugin? After all, Blender solves a lot of the same problems...

Holland over 11 years ago

Thanks for the tip, I'm based in Delft so maybe I can look into it. Btw, there is still a lot to add here, but even more to polish and verify :-)

Mapping Niger- accumulation of geodata over 11 years ago

Hey you two, thanks for your work! DBusse, respect to you for drawing in all those buildings, that´s some real dedication. (More than I could muster.) Btw, have you looked at the Google satellite imagery for Niamey? The town has really grown since the Yahoo image was taken, it's almost twice as large! Let's hope Yahoo releases more more recent images soon, and increase their high-res coverage a bit.

Mapping Niger- Outstanding work so far! over 11 years ago

Hi, I'm Datalogg and I've been mapping Niamey fanatically ever since I read your "call to arms" last week, and I want to thank you for a week of great geek mapping fun! I've really started getting into Niamey, even reading lots of Wiki articles, looking on Flickr and YouTube, and downloading documents about the "great addressing campaign" of 2005 when the city council renamed all the streets. Most of my work has gone into rectifying a lot of the streets (armed with JOSM and giant perpendicular alignment rectangles ;-), but I've also staked out entire neighbourhoods. You're right OSM is really a fantastic community, and a fantastic cause.