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closed 3990310 craghead

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 55.0:

They have moved and changed the name to Benjamin Joseph Jewellers, 7 Swan Lane, Norwich.

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The Yare closed. New pub opened here called The White Heron.

open 3613587 rich257

Bus stop bc

via StreetComplete 51.1

open 3613585 rich257

Bus stop bd

via StreetComplete 51.1

open 3613583 rich257

Bus stop be

via StreetComplete 51.1

open 3613582 rich257

Bus stop bf

via StreetComplete 51.1

open 2219529 doublah

Overlapping buildings here, should probably be building:part=yes instead of building=unit

open 3852750 vervehealth

Verve Healthcare

92 St Faiths Ln Norwich NR1 1NE United Kingdom
020 3955 7703

Verve Healthcare is proud to offer immediate accessibility to high-grade rehabilitation centres in every corner of the United Kingdom. We understand that discovering the right rehabilitation centre can be overwhelming as well as complex, given the abundance of options available online. Considering your budget when choosing a recovery centre can further complicate the decision-making process. It prevails to feel discouraged and also uncertain before narrowing down the options to a manageable number.

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King Street House, 15 Upper King Street

open 3741782 rich257

Stop is CD

via StreetComplete 53.1

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