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February 25, 2014


Hi I’m Daniel, an active contributor to OpenStreetMap in the Tri-State region. I moved to Queens in New York City but am still very active in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County. Professionally I am in school to become a healthcare provider. Expecting to graduate in January 2024

My Current Mapping Initiatives

OSM Tags with no specific location

New York City

If you’re also editing in NYS/NYC consider joining the local community on the OSMUS Slack in the #local-newyorkstate and #local-nyc channels.

Nassau County, Long Island

You should reach out if you:

  1. Are mapping Queens and/or Nassau counties and want to collaborate on a project
  2. Want Nassau County buildings/addresses to be on OpenStreetMap and would like to hash out a campaign push to Nassau County government
  3. Organize a Field Papers mapping event in a NYC/Long Island neighborhood with poor OpenStreetMap coverage
  4. Want to say hi!

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