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closed 2459647 submitted note from a business:
name: Renegade
phone: 7402069021
hours: Thursday-Saturday 2-10, Sunday 12-6
category: Tattoo Parlors
address: 45 east main street new concord ohio

closed 2584485 CoolSilver

Invalid Speed Zone data of 45 is in conflict with actual limit of 55 along this roadway

closed 560727 pratikyadav

Is this Mohican national/state forest?

closed 2584482 CoolSilver

School building was sold and now a private business.

closed 62252 AndrewSnow

Tiger 2012 locates Chloe in the same location as Cassies - names were assigned based on most reasonable guess, but actual names may be reveresed - local knowledge/GIS required.

closed 2340315 submitted note from a business:
name: Divine Bliss Spa
phone: 740-624-2681
twitter: undefined
hours: Monday-Saturday
category: ,Spas / Massages
address: 728 Market street Zanesville, Oh 43701

closed 3098710 oldster79


closed 2613063 JriSv250

Quality Inn

closed 2675758 MightyMapMaster

This should be removed because it is not a public pond. It is privately owned.

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