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closed 3694046 Matyjace

Forwarding anonymous report from user, please verify: "The Monument is open daily. \n\n09:30-13:00 and 14:00-18:00 (with last entry at 12:30 and 17:30)."

closed 4116080

Blank Street Coffee Missing

closed 4116082

LPQ closed down

closed 3807421 confusedbuffalo

The school that was here has moved
What is here now?

closed 4055614 spencerledger

Sofology and Furniture Village are in the wrong places. They are the other way around. Furniture Village should be where Sofology is and Sofology likewise where Furniture Village is.

closed 3972851 GinaroZ

Doubt that's the actual name

closed 4018411 confusedbuffalo

Numbers here duplicate numbers mapped NW of here
Needs checking

open 4322092 confusedbuffalo

In context of overlay "Surfaces" – Foot Path – via StreetComplete 58.1:

This is a bridge

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open 4322090 confusedbuffalo

In context of overlay "Surfaces" – Path – via StreetComplete 58.1:

Chain ladder

Attached photo(s):

open 4322089 confusedbuffalo

No real path from here

via StreetComplete 58.1

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